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Holistic Wellness And Natural Health | Holistic Wisdom with Janelle Lynn

Meet Janelle

I am a Holistic Lifestyler.

Every day I choose aligned vibrant living.

I want that for you too!

Together we create the beauty of being with natural wisdom of the past and conscious intentions for the future.

Connecting Women & Holistic Wisdom


Have you looked in the mirror and wonder who stands in front of you? Maybe it’s a moment in time when you wake up to the life that surrounds you and know there is something different waiting for you.

The journey to wholeness is one of great awareness & discovery. Gain confidence in becoming your own holistic guru and learn how to connect to living intentionally.

Enhance your sense of empowerment, realize your personal truths, and use your life experiences to help you live, love & grow with grace.


When self mastery becomes the ultimate focus the level of work can be challenging yet worthy. Along this pathway in life, we find ourselves so that we can in turn, find each other.

My Specializations

Holistic Living & Natural Health

Intuition & Soul Alignment

Mindfulness & Mental Mojo

Womens Health & Hormones

Functional Nutrition & Fitness

​Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you already are.

She was absolutely wonderful!

She has faced similar experiences as I have. She knew what I was going through and I really needed that kind of guidance & encouragement. I just wanted to know that I could and would feel like me again!

A. Anderson

Highly insightful.

Loved Janelle's expertise and deep understanding.

She really created a program for me where I learned about the significance of body systems, biomarkers, nutrition, exercise.

C. Miller

Very knowledgeable and so helpful. Janelle was willing to dive as deep as I needed to go to integrate all areas of my health.

It was an eye-opener on how my mindset and lifestyle were affecting everything.

R. Sullivan


"The body is your temple, keep it pure and clean for your soul to reside in.”