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Janelle Lynn Holistic Nutritionist

Simply Holistic

~ where wisdom meets wellness

Ready to Break Free and

Thrive Again?

Tap-in to your hormones, Tune-out stress & Turn-on the power within!

Janelle Lynn MSc ~

Holistic Nutritionist & Master Life Coach

Dare to Detox!

Achieve freedom from dis-ease and overwhelm by detoxing your life. Break free from relentless hormone disruptors and unravel what's not working. Rediscover your innate Holistic Healing Code.

Nourish your Well-being!

Awaken self-awareness to triggers, overcome self-sabotage habits, nurture emotional intelligence, and reshape your food story. Elevate the power of Mindset Mojo for better mental balance.

Harmonize the Holistic Hustle!

Align your natural ambition and drive with conscious living principles. Embrace a dynamic approach to life that harmonizes intentionality, mindfulness, and your best life yet!

Three Ways to Elevate:

  • Personal Consultation & Lifestyle Mapping:

    • Experience a personalized deep dive into your well-being. Your comprehensive plan considers body, mind, and spirit, offering actionable steps for your focus on health.

  • Group Coaching & Self-Paced Courses:

    • Learn how to unlock your limits. You'll come away with clarity, resilience, and the tools to redefine your boundaries around wellness.

  • Holistic Habit Hacks & Strategies:

    • Transform your life! There are no fleeting fixes. Grab your free resources, join or follow our social groups to elevate your everyday living.

Get Back In Your Body!


Herbal Remedies

Specialty Courses

Rewired For Resilience

Holistic By Design

​Look inside yourself;
everything that you want

you already are!

She was absolutely wonderful!

She has faced similar experiences as I have. She knew what I was going through and I really needed that kind of guidance & encouragement. I just wanted to know that I could and would feel like me again!

~ A. Anderson

Highly insightful.

Loved Janelle's expertise and deep understanding.

She really created a program for me where I learned about the significance of body systems, biomarkers, nutrition, exercise.​

~ C. Miller

Very knowledgeable and so helpful. Janelle was willing to dive as deep as I needed to go to integrate all areas of my health.

It was an eye-opener on how my mindset and lifestyle were affecting everything.

~ R. Sullivan

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