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Fueling Your Fabulous: A Simple Look at Macros

From just fine to fabulous. The treadmill of food and fitness, primarily macronutrient-based diets have been all the buzz, again. Low-carb whispers and high-fat shouts, it's a menu of options out there. But let's get real , get off the yo-yo wheel and get back in your body.

Science of Nutrition?

Let's take a trip down memory lane through the ever-evolving landscape of dietary trends. Between the turn of the millennium and now, we've seen a flurry of dietary spikes that have captured our attention and sparked conversations about true health and nutrition.

Let's explore the dynamic world of nutrition trends from the early 2000s to now. The Atkins diet kicked off the low-carb movement, boasting rapid weight loss. Then came the South Beach Diet, advocating for balanced nutrition. Gluten-free diets surged in popularity, followed by the rise of paleo and primal eating patterns, focusing on whole foods. Intermittent fasting gained traction, with claims of weight loss and improved health, though more research is needed. As we navigate these trends, the real-world results shared by individuals offer valuable insights into the science behind nutrition.

Through it all, one thing remains clear: the science of nutrition is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. Moving through the highs and lows of food philosophy and trends, Remember to approach each eating revelation with critical eye,. Truth is, It is actually best to rely on your inner wisdom and informed choices that ultimately, lead us to knowing your own body's needs and optimizing your macros.

Sometimes we just need a little tweaking and that's where an nutritionist, health care professional and patience can really pay off while getting set up. Once you have the framework, it's all about the flow based on goals and needs.

So, what's the takeaway? It's not just about what's on your plate; it's about the bigger picture. It's about finding a plan that works for you, whether you're keto, paleo, or blazing your own trail. After all, it's your journey to fine to fit, and you've got the power to make it happen.

Know Thyself

Ladies, let's face it—there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to diets. We're all different, and that's what makes us awesome. In pops macros. Did you think we'd ever get here?

For optimal health and fitness, consider these macro reference ranges tailored to low carb, keto, and primal diets:

  1. Low Carb:

  • Carbs: 20-30% of total daily calories, Proteins: 20-30%, Fats: 40-60%

  1. High Fat/Low Varb:

  • Carbs: 5-10% Proteins: 20-25%, Fats: 70-80%

  1. Balanced:

  • Carbs: 20-30%, Proteins: 20-30%, Fats: 40-50%

To optimize YOUR nutrition, start with your ideal body weight and multiply it by 0.8 to 1 to determine your daily protein needs. Not so sure? Many women just don't want to know, but you need to..

This knowledge is valuable and relates to your health status. Want to see the doc less, get off your meds, feel good in your body again?Not knowing your body's needs is like not knowing how much gas you have left in the tank on any given day. Put a sticky note over your gas gauge for 1 week. Don't peek!

Protein plays a crucial role in muscle repair and growth. Next, focus on fats, considering their health benefits, such as supporting brain function and hormone production. Finally, carbs should come alongside to support energy pathways and activity levels, ensuring you have enough fuel for your lifestyle. Here's where you find your metabolic flexibility with when to flow between carbs and fat.


168lbs woman, age 43, 5'8" height

  • Find your BMR (baseline body need of daily calories w/out exercise) - 1500 calories

  • Use your optimal/ideal weight, 150 lbs x.8= 120g of protein,/3 meals

  • Add exercise or activities = 2000 calories

  • Identify goals - lose weight, build muscle, maintain, reassess calories

  • Solve for fats & carbs

Macros matter, at first, then you get the hang of it! No more needing to see what it all looks like, you're doing. Relax and check in only when your gals change, you feel out of balance or schedule in every 4 months maintenance self-assess.

Ready to Rock?

Let's cut to the chase. Ready to own your health and those nutrition goals? Hit me up for a Focused Chat where we'll get real about what you need and how to make it happen. It's time to level up your nutrition game and strut your stuff like the fabulous, intelligent boss babe you are.

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