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Boost Your Morning Mojo: 5 Habits for a Great Start

Simple Steps for a More Energized Day

Mornings can be a bit of a blur, but having a routine can really make a difference. Here, we'll explore five easy habits that can help you kick-start your wake-up on a positive note and set the tone for a ready-for-anything day.

The Science Behind Morning Habits

Our brains love routine, and having a morning routine can help regulate your internal clock, making it easier to wake up and get going. This internal clock affects things like hormones and body temperature, weight normalization and having a consistent morning routine can signal to your body that it's time to start the day.

The Benefits of a Thoughtful Morning Routine

  1. Find Your Flow: A good morning routine can help you get organized and ready for the day, so you can take on any task with a clear mind.

  2. Feel Happier: Starting your day with positive activities can help reduce stress and anxiety, making you feel happier overall.

  3. Stay Healthy: Adding exercise to your morning routine can boost your physical health and help you stay active throughout the day.

  4. Manage Your Time: Planning your day in the morning can help you stay on top of to-do's so you can include down-time and really experience work-life balance.

Rise and Shine: Resisting the Snooze Button

It might be tempting to hit the snooze button, but waking up when your alarm goes off can make a big difference. Hitting snooze can mess with your sleep cycle and make you feel groggy. Instead, try waking up right away to give yourself more time to start your day without rushing. Better yet, your internal clock can get the point you don't need an alarm anymore. Can you imagine?

Alternative Strategy: If the snooze button is too tempting, try placing your alarm across the room. Also, consider doing some light stretches or breath-work to help wake up your body.

Journaling: Uncover the Unconscious

Exploring your dreams unveils hidden aspects of your thoughts and feelings. Maintaining a journal is a powerful method to capture unfiltered thoughts and gain a deeper understanding of your dreams. By simply reflecting on them in the morning, you can uncover valuable insights into the underlying aspects of your day. My husband and I create a space for shared conversations and meaningful connections. We often sit with a cup of coffee and chat together.

Alternative Strategy: If keeping a journal feels like too much, just take a moment to think about any dreams you had the night before. This can still help you understand your thoughts and feelings.

Sunup Success: Tackling Tough Tasks Early

Getting the hardest task out of the way early in the day can set a positive tone. It's like a little victory that can motivate you for the rest of the day.

Alternative Strategy: Break down challenging tasks into smaller steps. This way, you can make progress without feeling overwhelmed.

Own Your Morning

Establishing a morning routine takes time, so don't be afraid to try different things. Your routine should match your goals and lifestyle.

Try these additional morning habits for a more well-rounded routine:

  1. Morning Movement: Start with some light exercises or a short walk to get your blood flowing. Bonus for getting early morning sunshine!

  2. Fuel First: Fuel your body with a nutritious breakfast for sustained energy.

  3. Gratitude Practice: Take a moment to think about or write down things you're grateful for.

  4. Tech-Free Time: Give yourself a break from screens to clear your mind.

  5. Rise & Refresh: Sip on a glass of lemon- water, cup of cacao or seasonal herbal tea for a hydrating boost.

In a nutshell, creating a morning routine involves simple choices that can make a big impact. Understand the power of routine, try different habits, and welcome the positive changes that come with a thoughtful morning routine. Every day is a new opportunity to start fresh, so make the most of your mornings!

New to breath-work? Click here to try my 5-minute morning box breathing video.

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