Vision Board Secrets

When you make your first vision board, you get excited and want to share. Not everyone is going to be enthusiastic with the idea of creating a vision board. They do not understand the “why” of creating a creating a board and that it is something everyone should do.


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The Power of Visualization

Vision boards give you focus and clarity on what you want in your life.
After completing a vision board, look at it to see what emotions it brings out in you. You should feel positive, excited and charged with energy to make it happen. Yet some people will look at their board and not feel the same emotions. They may feel they are not worthy or that something always happens to make their dreams crash. They may also look at the board and think to themselves that they cannot visualize positivity into their life.

The big issue here, is understanding that everyone visualizes already. Sadly many people have no issue visualizing bad things happening. They have done it so often, without realizing what they are doing, that it is a habit. This bad habit creates not only more unwanted things coming into their lives but also brings stress and depression. Think about it for a moment. Have you ever visualized something going totally wrong? How did you feel?

You need to become a powerful visualizing human being. This starts today, with you building an amazing vision board and then after spending time gazing upon it and let it seep into your subconscious mind and begin full out visualization techniques.