Maintaining a Calm Mind Helps Your Spirit

Waking up each morning doesn’t need to involve you immediately worrying about the day. Your daily routine can actually be set up so that you have less stress. Going to bed at night shouldn’t involve lying awake, reviewing your every little detail.

Keeping your mind calm helps lift and strengthen your spirit so you can face each part of your day with love and grace.

Meditation for a Calm Mind

We can now see in many aspects of wellness that meditation helps reduce stress by lowering the levels of cortisol in the body. High levels of cortisol contribute to inflammation, potentially damaging cells and tissue. We also observe that meditation decreases depression, anxiety, and cloudy thinking or brain fog. Meditation calms the mind and calms the body and spirit.

There are many types of meditation. Here are a few:

· Mindfulness Meditation

· Focused-Attention Meditation

· Loving-Kindness Meditation

· Habitual Meditation

Each of these types of meditation has specific benefits for your spirit.

  • Mindfulness meditation increases electrical activity in the areas of your brain related to positive thinking and optimism. Your mind and spirit can then approach and live each day with a sense of cheerfulness and hope. Your spirit is stronger when you have hope for life instead of worry about stressors.

  • Focused-attention meditation helps increase attention span and memory. When your brain is better able to focus, your spirit can see the world in a more precise way. When you are more present and focused, and your spirit can concentrate on life-affirming desires and goals.

  • Loving-kindness meditation is central to self-love and loving others. Your spirit is healthier and happier when it dwells in love. Loving-kindness meditation teaches you how to look at yourself in a caring, positive way. When you accept yourself, you are better able to accept and love others, creating a cycle of love for your spirit.

  • Habitual meditation has been shown to help reduce chronic pain. The connection between body and spirit is stronger when the body isn’t suffering. Pain destroys calmness. Freeing the body from pain or reducing pain’s effects calms the mind, body, and spirit.

Motion for a Calm Mind

Doing happy things leads to a calmer, more open mind and helps your spirit. When your mind is calm and happy, your spirit sees other opportunities for happiness. Forbes business magazine explains that movement is good for your body and spirit. Taking even a short walk can break a negative mental cycle and give your spirit room to relax.

Observation for a Calm Mind

Psychologists believe that anxious thoughts can overwhelm your mind, making it difficult for your spirit to thrive. When you’re anxious, your brain leaps to conclusions that negatively affect your spirit.

To quiet anxious thoughts, you need to observe your them for what they are:

· Thoughts are guesses, not facts

· Thoughts are predications, not objective truth

· Thoughts are biased by past experiences

· Thoughts make judgments that aren’t always based on facts

· Even if a thought is true, it may not be helpful

When you observe your thoughts rather than immediately reacting to them, your mind remains calm. As an example, you are walking down the street, and a stranger stares at you. If you let your mind become anxious, your thoughts are filled with worry. You might guess that they want something from you or that you’ve upset them somehow.

Perspective ... your mind could think that they plan to harm you, especially if you’ve been taught that strangers are dangerous or if you’ve had a bad experience with a stranger in the past. If you make a judgment based on these thoughts, you may be misreading the situation. Perhaps the stranger is simply lost in their thoughts and doesn’t realize they are staring.

Maybe you remind them of someone they know, or they think they might have met you before. Letting your mind worry without all the facts causes stress and hurts your spirit. Even if the stranger does want something from you or means you harm, worrying won’t solve the problem or change the situation. A calm mind and spirit help you deal effectively with true stress and danger.

Know thyself! Maintaining a calm mind involves understanding yourself and your reactions to situations and stress. When your mind can see the broader context of a situation and determine if your thoughts are true facts, both your mind and spirit remain calm.

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