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How to Find More Joy in Your Daily Life

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Joy is everywhere if you know how to find it. You can experience joy every day, even when circumstances don’t immediately seem joyful. Those people I know who are joyful daily know how to capture joy and hold on to it. They find joy in things that others take for granted.

Is it silly or childish, absolutely NOT! It is perspective and it will change your life!

Let's dig into a few ways to find more daily joy:

· Stop waiting to be happy

· Practice self-care

· Appreciate the small things

· Surround yourself with positive people

· Laugh more, love more

· Plan for happiness

· Don’t miss out

· Help others

Stop Waiting to be Happy

Happiness and joy are strongly linked. There is very little joy in waiting for something or someone to make you happy. If you don’t think you will be happy until you win the lottery, get a promotion, or move to a bigger house, you are missing all the joyful things happening to you now. To find more joy in your daily life, you need to focus on the happiness you have today.

Practice Self-Care

If you are physically run down, constantly berate yourself, or don’t take time to do what you love, you miss out on everyday joy. Making time to nurture your spirit, strengthen your body, and calm your mind gives you a sense of peace. Without all the distractions of poor self-care, you will be better able to notice the reasons to be joyful and feel powerful enough to experience them.

Appreciate the Small Things

Simple joys build up into a day, week, month, year, and lifetime of joy. If you only allow yourself to feel joy with significant events, you miss all the joy of your daily blessings. Imagine going through your day joyful for everyday goodness. A loving partner to share the morning with, a great cup of coffee, a drive to work without an accident, good coworkers, a pet to come home to, a delicious meal, and a good night’s sleep are all daily pleasures that shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Some people are more joyful to be around. Those are the people you want to spend time with and share experiences. It’s hard to find joy when your companions are always negative. Joyful people encourage each other to find joy. They help you focus on what makes you joyful, not on what doesn’t.

Laugh More, Love More

Sadness, anger, and selfishness are the opposites of joy. Your daily life is filled with times that a good laugh can make all the difference between feeling upset and feeling joy. Look for the humor in every situation. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that laughter reduces stress, eases tension, and lessens depression. Humor and laughter in everyday situations are keys to finding more joy.

It’s hard to love yourself and others when a person is angry or selfish. Those negative emotions block the joy that comes from loving yourself and sharing love with others. Feeling a connection to other people can be a very joyful experience. Knowing you are not alone, sharing good times, and feeling loved bring joy to your everyday life.