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Crushing Confidence

“It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you’re not.” – Hanoch McCarty

One of the most limiting things that you can experience in this life is self-doubt. It has the ability to keep you feeling locked away in a prison of your own insecurities. Deep dark and scary. It can suffocate your ability to explore and be free. Most of us long for the chance to engage with exciting opportunities and epic adventures yet feel held back from ever achieving the things that you really want in life.

I have personally met people who even gave up on wanting anything at all due to having such a high level of self-doubt. Their insecurities escalated to such a point over the course of their life where they eventually gave up on even considering that they had any level of freedom at all regarding their own choices.

We can find ourselves in this very low place unexpectedly and it causes you to live a life that has been massively limited by the illusory constructs that have formed in your mind. Fortunately, though, with a little work and a spark of determination there is something that we can do to conquer this.

Dominating Doubt

Doubt itself, by its very nature is negative. It is something that denounces and turns down any thoughts of positive or action-inspiring suggestion. If left unchecked, doubt becomes a mindset that keeps a person completely closed off from the world of positive inspiration and it keeps a person confined to a self-centered and destructive ego.

In order to dominate doubt we must first desire to do so. If we do not have the desire to at least investigate the ability to overcome doubt, then it isn't time for your to explore it yet.

A person who is happy to live in a world of doubt is a rain cloud on others, when they let them be. They seem to want to overcome anyone who has even a shred of positivity to express, like a black hole, they consume all light, and there is no hope of it ever being re-produced in return.

When you are ready to overthrow doubt and negativity and chose to learn how to welcome and create a little light as quickly or slowly as you allow it, this begins the journey. Free will.

When we know this, we can implement strategies to conquer and eventually destroy these our limiting doubts. So, how do we do this?

You are an amazing creator-being!

What I am talking about is you, making the decision and taking responsibility for yourself that is completely and intimately personal. It is inspirational, encouraging, motivating, it is creating and producing and freeing. It is everything that self-doubt is not.

This works because it has the effect of contradicting and opposing every form that self-doubt or insecurity takes. We intimately prove the self-doubting limitation wrong, and eventually the mind learns a newer and more positive way of thinking about things, because it has witnessed firsthand the undoing of every single one of its limiting, doubting thoughts.

In order to do this we must either show or create a case for the opposite. We need proof. Show yourself the opposite of your own self-doubt. Investigate and encourage yourself to try your very best to achieve or to witness or experience the very thing that your mind doubts. Yes, this sounds scary and out there. But bringing light to the dark exposes the fear.

Commit yourself to the challenge of proving every single one of your doubts wrong, start with small ones. You will slowly realize and re-program your mind to be able to achieve anything that you could possibly want to achieve.