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About Me

I create this amazing life I live!

Sassy, Sexy & Spiritual

I want it ALL.

Who do YOU want to become?


When I was so unsure, I did it. I went from hot mess, to all this!


​I took a very uncomfortable step out of normal and decided that my health and my happiness were a priority! I knew that I could never live my whole life with the  physical limitations and uncertainty that I felt.

I’m a woman, lover, mom, professional, coach, friend, daughter, sister, neighbor, athlete, student, believer of the badass within.


I am Soul Inspired!

Becoming me, was a winding and often surreal path. Talk about off-roading at times! It has been an adventure with both ups and downs but continues to be an awesome exploration of such an incredible journey!


Through wisdom of the herbs, whole food nutrition, integrative wellness and intuitive healing practices, I have overcome allergies, leaky gut, adrenal fatigue and hormone dysregulation. All the while balancing a marriage (or two), a business and family, and I wasn’t always fabulous at it!

Sounds overwhelming? It certainly felt that way.

It can be hard to let go of old, purge, release, realize & relearn. The perfect blueprint is deep within. The divine shine of the soul, your true heart, the beautiful badass!

I help you peel away the fear, guilt, and self-doubt of the past, learning to trust yourself both inside and out.

We find harmony from within & create a life that is aligned, purposeful, fulfilling and wildly-well!

Background Highlights

Bullet point

University of Metaphysics, PhD(c)

MSc Metaphysical Science, Holistic Life Coach 2019

Intuitive Healing, Energy Medicine, Spiritual Ministry

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Clayton College of Natural Health

BSc Natural Health, Master Herbalist 2002

Functional Nutrition, Integrative Wellness, Natural Health Therapies

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Bauman College

Nutrition Consultant & Educator 1999

Clinical Studies, Bio-metric Analysis, Whole Food Healing

Additional Certifications

Functional Endocrinology, Biological Microscopy, Emotional Resilience, Harmony Keys, EFT & Belief Clearing Practitioner, Mindfulness Mindset, First Line Therapy, CrossFit L2, CPT, SFG L1, Breathing & Soul Coaching

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Holistic Wellness And Natural Health | Holistic Wisdom with Janelle Lynn

Clear, Heal & Align

There was a time you might remember feeling absolutely amazing, and I am here to tell you that there will be a time again.


You just need to trust your natural, internal wisdom and restore it.

Our lives extend far past only physical aspects of just basic nutrition and fitness. It includes an entire lifestyle of habits. It it all of you, physiology, philosophy and psychology at the foundations of integrative wellness and mindfulness.

What you think about becomes reality. Your habits shape your quality of living. Your hormones, thyroid, adrenal, digestion, immune, and mental-emotional health require intuition as the key to healing. A whole food approach is part of the foundations as well as assessing root causes like toxicity & cellular health.


Learn to create REAL change from the inside-out.

It is my passion to give you the tools, guidance, and motivation to unwind the body/mind back to health and harmony.


I am dedicated to those of us who want it ALL, health, wellness, and the best that life has to offer.

In 20 years as a holistic health practitioner, master life coach, trainer, and integrative wellness consultant. I have balanced my life, healed myself, and helped many others find their holistic wellness mojo too!

It’s IN YOU.


You’ve already been there. Now it’s time to find it, restore it, revitalize it, and make it better than ever!

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